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About Fola Foods

The Fola Food Brand was established in the late 90's as a panacea to the recurrent yearning of the teeming African populace for the production of quality food substances that can compete in the Western World. And we have created a niche for ourselves in food exportation business through experienced management and sales team.

Fola Foods stands out as an exporter of the African food items such as: Pounded Yam (Iyan), Ijebu Garri, Yam Flour and Beans.

As part of the effort to satisfying the demand of the brand's ever growing customers and consumers, Fola Food has invested in the production and exportation of micro - toxin free spices such as Egusi (melon seed),Grinded pepper, Grinded crayfish etc.

Fola Food is ISO 22000 certified. This is an attestation to the trend setting enterprise of Fola Food. Thanks to those qualities of Fola Foods products.

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision is to be the foremost and the most preferred premium exporter and supplier of quality African food substance exported from Nigeria and other African countries by the year 2030

Our Mission

  • To provide world class quality to our customers with regards to transparent business approach.
  • To create peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees
  • To contribute to the growth and development of society as we grow the company’s business


Our focus is on providing food solution to customers’ need at home and abroad
through excellent customer service delivery.

About Us

#1 stop for your everyday needs of rich African food and spices. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

ISO22000 Certified

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